Sunday 22nd July 2018

For enquiries and bookings please email:

Dealer Info and Table Booking Table prices for this years events are £35 (6’x2’) per table Or £30 each for 2 or more table up to 3 tables Sorry but No Backing tables are permitted, but Plastic Shelving / Racking is allowed FLOOR PLAN Click to view or download

All traders can arrive from 7am but no later than 9.30am on the day, as we will be opening event from 10am.

Traders must not start to pack away their goods until 4.30pm, in order to comply with our given times of closure at 5pm. Traders who choose to ignore this will not be allowed to rebook into future events.

We would appreciate it if traders could produce and provide a copy of their “Public Liability Insurance” for the day of the event thay are intending to trade at. However, if this is not possible please contact us via the email below so that alternative arrangements can be made.


All traders will be given trader identification to wear during the event so our team/staff can identify you. Once inside please look for your name on the table we have designated (please no swapping tables without special permission from ourselves; in most cases we will try to accommodate a request to move position but you should appreciate that it is not always possible).



Please Note: Refunds will not be issued once an Exhibitor Booking has been made.

Llangollen comic con has the right to offer Exhibitor Cancellations to other interested parties, once notification has been given.


Please Note: Llangollen comic con will refund all Exhibitors and Ticket purchases if for any reason an event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond its control.

ANY DEALER FOUND TO BE SELLING ANY COUNTERFEIT GOODS ON THE DAY OF OUR EVENT WILL BE EXPELLED AND REPORTED TO THE APPROPRIATE AUTHORITIES Each Gazebo is 3mx3m which is available at a cost of £50 without tables provided. We can supply 6’x2’ Tressel Tables if required. For pricing please see below Outside exhibitor spaces are an excellent economical opportunity for those exhibitors who require that little bit more extra room to show off their products...but as we have only 8 available please don't leave it too late to book! At this years event we have made available 8 exhibitor Gazebo spaces, outside the front of the Pavilion venue on the lawn area. Llangollen Table Plan.pdf