Sunday 22nd July 2018

SEAN DUTTON  -  Biography Guest 1.

Introducing prop builder Sean Dutton from Wallasey, Wirral, who has offered to do a session at Llangollen Comic Con this year for those interested about all things related to prop building.

Sean has been building and making things since he was a child when he first started building props 20yrs ago for a local amateur dramatic group and found his passion. Since then he's built everything from cufflinks to a Speeder Bike. He loves big builds and especially large weapons and uses a myriad of techniques and materials enjoying the challenge of using recycled materials in his prop creations.

Currently Sean is working for a haunted house scare attraction in Liverpool but his spare time is spent making his artwork and biking round North Wales to discover materials for his art.

He takes commissions and has created some fantastic pieces including an award winning Pyramid Head at last year's Horrorcon and costume enhancements for the professional cosplayer Jason Voorhees. Sean enjoys getting others involved and regularly assists cosplayers around the globe with building or repairing their own props. Everyone can do it he says! ' Lack of ability is not a disability,... you can make it no matter what!'

NATHAN HEAD : Biography.

Yet another exciting guest at Llangollen Comic Con this time is British actor Nathan Head is best known for his leading roles in the films Theatre Of Fear and Exorcist Chronicles, Theatre Of Fear entered the Asda UK DVD charts at number 19 and Exorcist Chronicles gained a lot of recognition in America upon its release via Time Warner Cable. Both films received fantastic reviews from publications such as Silver Screen magazine, Scream Magazine and Rue Morgue magazine as well as being featured in all the mainstream press from The Guardian to Fangoria, Exorcist Chronicles’ popularity even led to Nathan Head appearing on the BBC to talk about his love for the horror genre and his years of experience in acting in horror prosthetics, creature makeup and special effects makeup.


And attending from South-West Wales we are extremely excited to have Dyfrig Griffiths, who is known for his amazing Iron Warrior Cosplay! Dyfrig has been building and crafting for over 6 years and has put his heart and soul into pursuing his passion for cosplay and continues to do so today, attending a huge amount of events all over the UK. To see Iron Warrior at this years Llangollen Comic Con is really something of a special treat for all those who love comic cons and lets give it up for Iron Warrior!

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Photo images by David Sinclair.

 JOHN WAGNER.: Biography.

We are delighted to announce our very special comic guest artist John Wagner will be attending this years Llangollen Comic Con! John Wagner is best known for hi...s work in 2000AD. Having co created Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Robo Hunter and many memorable other characters. His Paradox Press graphic novel 'A History of Violence' is now a major film. His latest project (with co writer Alan Grant and artist Dan Cornwell) is Rok of the Reds, the strange and wonderful tale of the world's first Alien footballer. A homage to the comics of their youth, the Rok of the Reds graphic novel will be on show the event.

 VERA FOSSETT:  Biography.

Our next guest is Vera Fossett ,who we are extremely honoured to see at this years Llangollen Comic Con, as Vera has amassed a wealth of acting experience over the you can read in this concise version of her bio! Please see below.

Vera Fossett auditioned at The Prince of Wales theatre to be Soubrette for The Dickie Henderson Show and they wanted her to make a record when she got the part. However, she never did it because her husband wouldn't allow her to do so! ...Vera landed the part as Juggler in the Bond movie, Octopussey, with Roger Moore, then later landed the part as juggler in the medieval film, 'The Bride' with Sting and Jennifer Beals, Clancy Brown and David Rapperport. It was she recalls " a Frankenstein movie with a difference and great fun filming in Carcasson and Shepperton Studios" ( including a huge fire when the tent caught fire and everything burned to the ground and had to be replaced!)

As well as being involved in a number of amateur dramatics, Vera has done numerous 'walk-on' parts for various TV shows and appeared as a juggler in the TV film 'On Your Way Riley' with Maureen Lipman. Vera had the part of the 'Mum' for Tarzan in the film 'Greystokes' till 10 days later they found a Chinese boy who was 3 inches shorter in the legs, so they wouldn't have to alter the costume!


Another guest as part of our line up this year at Llangollen Comic Con is… Gavin Lee Lewis, who is a Welsh born actor. The eldest of four sons. Gavin started his acting career back in 2014 where he had his first stunt job doubling for Richard Wisker in Up All Night- The Friday Download Movie. Since then Gavin has gained roles in S4C Pobol y Cwm playing the role of Barry and also in American Tv series Suspitions where he plays the role of Mike. Gavin was born in Wales.

Gavin's appearance at Llangollen Comic Con is courtesy of Star Booking Management.

CJ GUTTERIDGE: biography.

One of  our special guests appearing at Llangollen Comic Con this year is actress CJ Gutteridge who has been working from her base in Cardiff, UK for the last six years, working in both TV and film. She started as an SA in background roles, progressing to featured roles. She has been a student with LARCA, under the watchful eye of Ross O’hennessy and has gained representation with two acting agents. She has recently appeared, as Sherlock’s Holmes younger mother in the Series 4 finale – “The Final Problem”, adding a new character from Sherlock’s younger years to the Sherlock cast. This is proving a popular addition to Comic Cons. CJ has worked on various productions, including 3 appearances on Doctor Who,one as a prosthetic alien, BBC Casualty, including an appearance as a full facial prosthetic character, Da Vinci’s Demons, BBC Thirteen, The Casual Vacancy (JK Rowling). and most recently a Disney Film set for distribution this year. She has also worked on TV commercial and corporate videos. CJ has a special interest in female prosthetic alien/ monster / special effect makeup roles, which she hopes to continue to develop for years to come. CJ has also worked on crew, giving her invaluable insight into the TV and Film industry. She has worked alongside and under direction with Peter Capaldi, Alex Kingston, Michael Gambon and of course Benedict Cumberbatch and Mark Gatiss.

CJ's appearance at Llangollen is courtesy of Star Booking Management.


Francois Pandolfo who is best known for his portrayal of Quintus in Dr Who’s “The Fires of Pompeii” alongside David Tennant and Peter Capaldi.

However his appearances on TV and Film are extensive, including East Enders as Enrico di Clemente, Casualty as Andrew Temple, Baker Boys as Andy and alongside Eve Myles and Tati’s Hotel as Marcello.

He is also co-director of Difficult Stage, a Cardiff based Theatre Company.

Francois appearance at Llangollen Comic Con is courtesy of Star Booking Management.

SORRY CANCELLED DUE TO WORK COMMITMENTS All Guest appearances are subject to work commitments. Llangollen Comic Con is not responsible or liable for any last minute cancellations.